Encouraging better Communication  

There is so much that goes to a better communication. If you suffered or experiencing some serious difficulty in your speech or communication you can always enlist the aid of a speech-language pathologist to help you along. However, there are ways wherein you can improve in your communication skills on your own.  


It will take a conscious effort and self-control in your part. However, the payoff is better than you can expect so that is already a good effort to go through. So, what are the ways you can encourage yourself for a better communication skill.  

In this article, you will learn 5 ways to a better communication. As communication plays a big role in our lives both personal and social. It is also a good idea to work hard in making sure that whatever your message is there is no room for misunderstanding. Here are the following ways to a better communication in no certain order.  


It is important that you listen to what other people has to say. It is pretty easy to cut someone off while they are talking if you don’t want to hear what they have to say. You should not do that, it is pretty rude and it is simply being mean. You should listen and listen well. You don’t want to be pretending to listen but not hear a word that is said. It is important that you do listen if you want to be able to respond accordingly. 


Be open to other people’s opinion or suggestion it is important that you do. Closing your mind to other people’s suggestion will ensure that you block out the message and actually miss out the whole point of the message. So, before you pass judgement hear the whole thing out. That way you won’t be closing avenues that would have been awesome if you haven’t.  


Communication is not only through verbal cues, there are also nonverbal cues that you can look out for. So, pay attention to detail. There are things that is said that is different to what is really what they want to say. Ever heard “actions speak louder than words”. in some cases, this is true so you should watch out on the nonverbal cues out there.  


You should focus too when you are communicating with someone, you should focus on what is being said through words and actions. A message can get lost between you getting distracted or you mind wandering forward. You should make an effort to focus on the here and now when conversing to ensure that you get the whole point of the story.  


When all is done, you should also make time to make your thoughts known. Communication is not a one-way process and this should be the time wherein you should give your two cents about the whole matter you are talking about. You have to peak your mind about what you are communicating about. So, that communication becomes better.

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